Building Research Station


  • In 1944, a Soil Stabilization Sub Division was established.
  • The sub Division was subsequently up-graded to a Division.
  • After 1947, renamed as Building & Road Research Laboratory, headed by a Research Officer.
  • In 1962, bifurcated into two independent organizations named as Building Research Station and Road Research & Material Testing Institute each headed by a Director.
  • In 1983, Buildings Department was divided into North & South Zones than BRS was attached with South Zone.
  • In 1996, a post of Chief Engineer Research & Design was created and BRS was attached with that Chief Engineer (R&D).
  • In 1999, the Directorate was again placed under the Administrative Control of Chief Engineer South Zone.
  • In 2002, the C&W Department was restructured and BRS was renamed as Research & Material Testing (RMT) and attached with Chief Engineer Research & Development.
  • In 2004, the restructuring of Department was reviewed, the RMT was renamed to previous name of Building Research Station.
  • Presently, the BRS has been working under the Administrative Control of Chief Engineer South Zone, Punjab Buildings Department, Lahore.


The Govt of Punjab had approved the functions to be performed by BRS Lahore, detailed as under:

  • The Building Research Station will work in close liaison with the Buildings Department.
  • The Station will be responsible for conducting applied research in the science of buildings with the primary object of reducing cost of construction through the maximum use of indigenous resources without adversely affecting either the safety or the stability of structures.
  • The Station will develop expertise in the science of buildings to serve as a seat of learning to increase the technical attainment of all types of practitioners in the public and private sectors of building activity.
  • The Station will devise ways and means to increase knowledge, confidence and understanding of Engineers, Architects, Contractors and Builders, etc. so as to eliminate avoidable waste without jeopardizing safety.
  • The Station may take up, if feasible, any specific research problem given to it by private sector. The Station will be entitled to charge fees for services rendered whether to a Government Department (other than Communication & Works Department) or to private sector.
  • The Station will function as a Central Testing Laboratory for the purpose of quality control. The Station will also undertake testing of soils to determine their bearing capacity and other properties to help the engineers in affecting economy in foundations of buildings. The testing facilities will also be available to the government departments (other than C&W Department) or to private sector on payment of prescribed fees.
  • The Station will establish bilateral contact with similar organizations in or outside Pakistan for mutual benefit and obtain research literature from engineers, architects and contractors with the technical innovations and advances elsewhere
  • The work done by the Station will be disseminated through printed papers and other publicity media throughout the Province in particular and outside the Province to the extent desirable and feasible.
  • The Station may hold or take part in Seminars, Symposia and exhibitions to propagate new ideas and disseminate knowledge in the science of building material/construction.

Testing of Construction Material in Different Sections

  • Soil Section
  • Concrete Section
  • Aggregate Section
  • Brick Section
  • Chemical & Gypsum Section
  • Physical Section
  • Photographic Section