Agriculture Department

Before the creation of this department, all farmer related departments such as Agriculture Extension, Water Management, Soil Fertility, Livestock, Forests and Fisheries were serving separately and the approach of the farmers for the solution of their problems was much difficult. This was very inconvenient for them. After devolution, all these departments/wings are working under Agriculture Department and problems are being solved at the farmers’ door steps. Now, farmers have easy access to EDO, DDO, District Nazim for their grievances.

Following Departments / Wings are working under Agriculture Department:


The major functions of this department are:

  • Promotion of tree plantation on state and private land
  • Production of seedlings for supply to the general public and government departments
  • Establishment of parks for outdoor recreation
  • Promotion of social forestry in private sector
  • Environmental protection and bio- diversity conservation
  • To control the silvi culture and technical operation in the district forests

Farm Water Management

The major functions of this department are:

  • Application of irrigation water through improvement of watercourse and precision land leveling
  • Capacity building for O & M (Operation & Maintenance) of irrigation facilities
  • Promotion of OFWM practices for increasing production
  • Mobilization of farming community to share investment
  • Water Management Extension Services through Irrigation, agronomic demonstration and advanced irrigation methods

Agriculture (Extension)

The major functions of this department are:

  • Dissemination of latest production technology through team leaders
  • Modern communication tools for training
  • Monitoring supply of Agriculture Inputs
  • Checking/inspection of pesticide stocks to control adulteration


The major functions of this department are:

  • Guidance to fish farmers for fish farming
  • Survey of private fish farms
  • Guidance for marketing of fish, from fish farm to fish market
  • Transfer of technology to private fish farmers
  • Prevention of diseases
  • Balance food formula