Planing & Development

The major functions of this department are:

  • Approval of development schemes according to the delegation of powers under the financial rules
  • Appraisal, evaluation (major/selected schemes) and monitoring of implementation of development schemes in physical and financial terms
  • Coordination within the District Government departments and with the provincial government on policy issues
  • Preparing of five years and other District development plans
  • Purchase of stores and goods as delegated under financial rules
  • Enterprise & Investment Promotion
  • Promotion of small business, cottage, industry and medium size enterprise
  • Control, monitoring and stabilization of prices of essential commodities
  • Implementation of industrial statistical act, 1942 regarding following functional dimensions:
    • Registration of firms under partnership act, 1932
    • Registration of societies and associations under the societies registration act (XXI of 1860) and under companies’ ordinance, 1984
    • Liaison with chambers of commerce and industry and feedback to the provincial government in industries and mineral development
  • Purchase of stores and capital goods for the department under the relevant delegation of financial powers
  • Location clearance certificate for establishment of industrial unit
  • Development of industrial estate and technological parks