Frequently Asked Questions

From where an Indian national having visa of Punjab can get his visa extended?   Top
An Indian national can get his visa extended from Section Officer (Foreigner), Government of the Punjab, Home Department, Old P&D Building, Lahore.     
How can an Indian national in Punjab get extension in his visa?    Top
An Indian national in Punjab has to deposit Rs.15/- in the National Bank of Pakistan, Passport Office, Lahore as an extension fee. He should fill an application form for extension in the visa and submit the same to Section Officer (Foreigner), Govt. of the Punjab, Home Department, Lahore.     
What documents are required for visa extension?   Top
Documents required to be attached with visa extension application form are:
  • Three extra copies of original application form duly-filled & signed
  • Receipt of deposit of extension fee Rs.15/- (Rs. Fifteen only)
  • Identity Card of the person with whom the applicant is staying
  • Residential permit issued by SSP Office of the District concerned
  • Copy of original passport of the applicant
  • Proof of ground of extension applied for, if any 
How much time is required to get visa extension?   Top
Extension up to 15 days is granted on the same day, whereas, extension for 4 weeks takes a week time.    
Up to what maximum period extension in visa can be granted by the Government of Punjab?   Top
An Indian national can get a maximum extension of three months from the Government of Punjab.    
What is procedure to apply for NOC to operate in a particular province?   Top
An application with the following documents is required to be submitted to Section Officer (Internal Security-II), Home Department, Government of the Punjab:
  • Certificate of incorporation 
  • Undertaking by the Managing Director 
  • Bio-data of all directors of the company 
  • Memorandum and Article of Association 
  • Address of the company 
What are the steps for obtaining NOC?    Top
After receipt of application, antecedents of the directors of Company are verified from the Special Branch and Commissioner concerned. On their recommendation, NOC for operation is issued in favour of security agency.