Mines and Minerals

This is an organization for promotion of minerals in Punjab Province. It was functioning in the Directorate of Industries & Mineral Development Department since 1964. The independent Department of Mines & Minerals was created in 2002 by the implementation of National Mineral Policy. It is to mention that National Mineral Policy 1995 acts as a guideline for formulating the present polices of the Provincial Department of Mines & Minerals.
Geologically, Mineral means all the natural deposits of ores, metallic and non-metallic substances on the surface or sub-surface of the earth crust. While “Mine” means any excavation on surface, or sub-surface, where any operation for the purpose of searching or obtaining of minerals has been or is being carried out.
Department is headed by Director General, Mines & Minerals (Technical) and comprises of six divisions.


Assets and Liabilities