Narowal District takes its name from its headquarters town. It is divided into two tehsils viz Narowal and Shakargarh. Before coming into being the district, both Narowal and Shakargarh were the tehsils of the district Sialkot. In 1991, Narowal district was created comprising Narowal and Shakargarh tehsils. Before independence of Pakistan, Shakargarh town was the headquarters of tehsil Shakargarh, which formed part of Gurdaspur district. Under the Radcliff Award, Shakargarh tehsil was transferred to Pakistan and attached with Sialkot district. Then in 1991, Shakargarh was attached with Narowal district. Now Shakargarh is functioning as tehsil in District Narowal. Narowal is functioning as a separate administrative district with effect from July 1, 1991.


It lies from 31° 55' to 32° 30' north latitudes and 74° 35' to 75° 21' east longitudes. The district is bound on the northwest by Sialkot district, on the north by Jammu State, on the east by Gurdaspur district (India) and on the south by Amritsar district (India) and Sheikhupura district.


The total area of the district is approximately 2337 square kilometers. Narowal tehsil occupies 1065 square kilometers while the remaining area falls in Shakargarh tehsil.

Other salient features of Narowal are as below: