A Two-Day International Conference on Dengue 2020 Launched by the Health Department


A two-day International Conference on Dengue 2020 launched at a private hotel by the health department on the special direction of Chief Minister Punjab, in which international medical experts, scientists and researchers shared their experience to control dengue while the Punjab Environment Protection Department also set up a stall, which had various pamphlets and banners for the prevention of environmental pollution especially for the prevention of dengue. On the direction of Provincial minister EPD, Secretary Saima Saeed, DG Tanvir Wariach and other senior officials of the department visited the stall at different times to educate the people about precautionary measures to control Dengue and pollution. Speaking to media representatives on the occasion, the Secretary Saima Saeed said that firstly it is very important to stop the dengue larvae growing and people should take precautionary measures to keep the environment clean and dry. She said that the water tanks, pitchers, other utensils etc. in the houses should be proper cover to stop the process of lay eggs in the water, regularly clean the pots of birds and animals, remove old debris and old construction materials on the yard and roof, apply the net on windows and doors of the house, water should not be stored in plants, cages, pots, old pots and tires etc and do not accumulate water on sewage holes and broken floors. While DG EPD appealed to the public through media that the doors and windows should be kept open during mosquito spray by cleaning houses, offices so that the effects can reach the house, dispose of old tires and used bags, old empty tires, properly dispose of used shopper bags, empty plastic bottles, etc. drain the water from fountains and swimming pools in the homes and close them.