Ring Road Project is Not Only a Road but an Economic Corridor for Rawalpindi: Commissioner Rawalpindi


A high level meeting was held at Punjab House Rwp where Provincial Minister (Revenue) Malik Muhammad Anwar, Federal Minister (Aviation) and other parliamentarians were briefed about 02 mega projects of Rawalpindi city including Rawalpindi Ring-road and Lai Expressway by Commissioner Rawalpindi Capt ® Muhammad Mehmood. Sharing details of Rawalpindi Ring-road, Commissioner Rwp said that this project is not just the name of a road but it will surely be an economic corridor for the citizens of Rwp. He vowed that project will be initiated by this year and target has been set to complete it within 02 years. The road has a proposed length of 64.3 KM in total. Travel time from Tarnol to Rawat for cars is estimated to be 01 hr 14 min while more than 02 hours for trucks with an average speed of 50 km. he said that the proposed alignment generally avoids urban populations and settlements as it navigates on the outskirts of Twin Cities. It will enhance economic opportunity for the citizens and will also provide farmers with direct access to market. He further added that truck terminal will help to ease traffic congestion by reducing overlapping mixed transportation. It will host refreshment centres, workshops and parking facilities. Likewise, site allocation for residential schmes will hep to control the urban sprawl and also provide better opportunities for affordable housing. Landfill sites include site allocation for dumping and other solid waste management purposes; he said and added further that it will help to keep our city clean.

Provincial Minister (Revenue) Malik Muhammad Anwar said that Rawalpindi Ring-Road project will be mega project of our government and all public representatives whose constituency is being touched in this project will provide full assistance for said project. He assured that they play their part to make their people understand about the vitality of this project in long run Ghulam Sarwar khan said that this project will not only solve the issue of traffic congestion of twin cities but it will be a new face for Rawalpindi city as a whole. MPA while expressing their thoughts said that no undue delay in this project will be tolerated as it is the dire need of people of Rawalpindi. They said that once completed this project will bring relief for general public. Meeting was attended by Members Provincial Assembly Chaudry Adnan, Wasiq Qayyum, Haji Gulzar, Javiad Kouser, Chairman RDA Tariq Mutaza,DC Rwp Capt ® Anwar ul Haq, Director Development Nazia Sudhan, DG RDA Ammara Khan, ADC (Revenue) Shoaib Ali, AC (Saddar) Zahid Khan, AC (Revenue) Syed Sibteen Kazmi, Inam Minhas CEO ZEERAK  and other concerned government officials.