8th International Lahore Literary Festival Continues in Lahore Arts Council


The 8th International Lahore Literary Festival continues in full swing in the Lahore Arts Council which is the world-class cultural art centre. Thousands of youths attended the festival the second day. More than 25 seats were held in the second day of the festival. More than 100 speakers attending 63 seats on all three days. Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Alhamra Athar Ali Khan has said that the interaction of young people is welcomed with intellectuals from all over the world. All the resources are being brought in to make Alhamra arts council beautiful, delegates around the world feel happy to be here. Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Alhamra Athar Ali Khan added that a large number of people are coming to participate in dialogues of national and foreign scholars, writers and poets. Attending the festival is a testament to the youth's friendship. More than 25 sessions will be held on the second day of the LLF. The function of different books was held on the last day. Tabash, Adnan Baig, Ahmed Atta and Rehman Faris participated, a session was held regarding “Young Urdu Poet”.