Minister Underscores Importance of Leadership Qualities in Doctors


Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid said here on Tuesday that continuous professional training of doctors is key to improvement in healthcare service delivery in the province. She was speaking as chief guest at the four-week training program for Professors, CEOs, Medical Superintendents and doctors at the Institute of Public Health. Present on the occasion were Dean IPH Dr. Zarfishan Tahir, Additional Secretary Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department Amir Hussain Ghazi and professors, Assistant Professors, Medical Superintendents, CEOs and doctors. Dean IPH Dr. Zarfishan Tahir expressed gratitude to the Health Minister for coming to the event and apprised her of the purpose and proceedings. The Health Minister said, “The training pof professors, assistant professors, Medical Superintendents, CEOs and doctors is extremely important for them. The objective of the training is to improve the situation in hospitals. Almighty Allah has placed the responsibility of a patients care on a doctor. The performance of a hospital is much dependent on the number of patients seeking treatment. We have started surprise visits of the health facilities in Punjab and the idea behind them is to improve performance. Attendance of staff, hospitals waste management SOPs and attitude of doctors towards patients is being monitored. Everyone sitting here must take responsibility of his facility. Doctors are referred as Messiahs because of their service to humanity. All doctors are requested to share proposals for improvement in hospitals.” 

The Health Minister further said, “The biggest challenge after taking over was to fill the vacant positions in the department. So far more than 32,000 doctors, nurses and paramedical staff have been hired on merit. A doctor must possess leadership qualities. A doctor or a professor is a role model for his facility. As per vision of Prime Minister , we are working in improving healthcare services in Public Sector Hospitals. Only the good behavior of doctor provides half the treatment to a patient. A doctor must serve patients with a spirit to serve the humanity. The government is spending billions of rupees to improve services in public sector hospitals. The trainings of doctors shall continue in the province. All doctors present here must make efforts to improve situation in their respective hospitals.”