500 Playgrounds are Being Constructed to Provide Sports Opportunities to the Youth


Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab Hasaan Khawar has said that while the youth need to be given maximum opportunities for positive activities, it is also important to encourage their young talent. He said that youth consists of more than 60% of our population. We must focus on this asset and provide opportunities to move forward. He stated that 500 sports grounds were being constructed in the province on the direction of Chief Minister Punjab to attract the youth towards sports and other positive activities in every nook and corner of the province. Hasaan Khawar further said that providing employment opportunities to the youth is the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan and the mission of the Chief Minister of Punjab. In this regard, private investment is being encouraged in the country to keep the wheel of economy rolling forward. Hasaan Khawar said that we also have the participation of Chinese investors in stabilizing our industry. Exports of 75 million are being made with the participation of Chinese investors while it is being increased to 400 million. He said that private investment is a guarantee of increasing the country's exports and stabilizing the economy. Hassan Khawar further said that our exports are less than the domestic imports. He further said that effective measures and legislation were being enacted to provide a safe and conducive environment to investors. He was addressing Challenge Fashion Sports Day at Aleem Dar Academy as a special guest where he distributed prizes among the winning athletes and congratulated the organizers for organizing the event.