CM Punjab Visits Sundas Foundation and Inquires After Children Patients


Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Hamza Shahbaz during his visit to Sundas Foundation also talked with the children suffering from Thalassemia and Haemophilia diseases. The children on their special demand also made selfies with the CM. Hamza Shehbaz went to a child named Zunaira and she told him that she wanted to sing him a song about the love of a mother. CM fulfilled the demand of the female child and stopped there to listen from her a song. After listening to the emotional song of a mother’s love, CM conveyed his Salaam to her mother. “You have made me emotional and the way you love your mother, I also love my mother in the same manner”, he stated. On this occasion the female child said that she has read about him. CM remarked about many past incidents during his address in the ceremony and told the audience that when his father Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif suffered from cancer then before going to the operation theatre he wrote him a letter and said that if he did not remain alive then you have to take care of your brother and sisters. He said that he daily reads this letter as the biggest relation in this world is of humanity. While narrating another incident Hamza Shehbaz told that his late grandfather often used to advise him that if given position then do serve the humanity of Allah Almighty because its witness is even given by the birds before Allah Almighty.