ACE Launched Crackdown Against Land- Grabber Mafia and Illegal Housing Societies


Director General Anti-Corruption Punjab Nadeem Sarwar said that the Anti-Corruption department has launched a potent crackdown against the land-grabber mafia and a vigorous action is ongoing against the land-grabber mafia in Lahore.  He revealed that the district administration team of Anti-Corruption department headed by AC City and SP Saddar launched an operation to stop illegal construction in the Park View Society as construction work was being done on the state land by the Park View Society. Six houses were being constructed on the state land whereas few people were residing in one house. All houses have been taken into government custody whereas two under construction houses were being demolished. A crackdown has been launched against the illegal construction and encroachments in the Park View Society for the first time. DG ACE revealed that a proactive crackdown is being launched against all illegal housing societies in Lahore.