CM Message on Saraiki Culture Day


Punjab, known for its rich cultural diversity, proudly boasts the Saraiki culture as one of its most beautiful and unique.

On the occasion of Saraiki Culture Day, caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi extended his warmest greetings to the residents of the Saraiki areas. He highlighted the Ajrak, an emblematic symbol of Saraiki culture, representing a distinct identity, and the sweet melody of the Saraiki language that truly captivates the heart.

The chief minister further praised the people of the Saraiki areas, commending their kind, loving and caring nature, and recognizing their bravery and hard work as the core values of their culture. He also acknowledged the immense contribution of the region's intellectuals and poets, who are an asset to Punjab and Pakistan.

Celebrating regional culture days, the chief minister emphasized, serves as a reminder of the customs and traditions of different regions, fostering awareness and sensitivity towards cultural diversity. The provincial government continues to promote harmony, brotherhood, and tolerance in society by celebrating days of regional cultures. The celebration of Saraiki Culture Day is an excellent example of the government's efforts to acknowledge and honor the vibrant regional cultures of Punjab, he concluded.