SMBR Chairs Meeting About Revenue Recovery

A meeting on revenue recovery, chaired by Senior Member Board of Revenue Punjab Nabeel Javed was held in the Board Committee Room. The meeting was attended by Member Taxes Tariq Qureshi, DG Land Record Authority Saira Omar, Secretary Taxes Taaseer Ahmad, Deputy Secretary Staff Roman Burana, Additional Commissioner Lahore, and Chief Stamp Inspector, along with relevant officers and commissioners, who participated via video link.
The officers and commissioners provided their briefings on revenue recovery to SMBR, stating that Punjab has achieved 88% recovery in terms of transfer fees across the province, and a certain recovery of 60% has been ensured in CVT (Capital Value Tax) and Stamp Duty. 
The Additional Commissioner Lahore informed that 100% recovery of water rates has been achieved in Lahore.
Senior Member Nabeel Javed suggested that commissioners and deputy commissioners should form special teams for revenue recovery and deploy assistant commissioners in the field, ensuring the achievement of their targets without fail. He also emphasized the need for deputy commissioners to monitor the teams for revenue recovery to ensure the completion of targets. He further stated that timely completion of revenue recovery targets is of utmost importance, and efforts should be made to improve revenue recovery in future meetings. He warned that strict action would be taken against officers who show negligence, lack of interest, or sluggishness in achieving revenue recovery targets.

Subsequently, Senior Member Board of Revenue Nabeel Javed participated in the oath-taking ceremony of the newly elected office-bearers of the Revenue Employees Association. Nabeel Javed congratulated the newly elected body of the Revenue Association and administered their oath.