Secretary Agriculture Punjab Chairs Meeting at Multan And Bahawalpur Regarding Cotton And Flood Situation In South Punjab


Secretary Agriculture, Punjab Iftikhar Ali Sahoo has said that the current year is “the year of revival of cotton”. It is very encouraging that the cotton market remains stable this year as it will have a positive impact on the cotton supply chain. There is a need to pay special attention to nutritional management in order to get full production of cotton crop during this month. Apart from this, measures should be continued on a priority basis for cotton surveillance, monitoring and prevention of harmful insects. . He was presiding over a meeting held today in Multan and Bahawalpur to monitor the current situation of cotton and floods in South Punjab. 

 The meeting was attended by senior officials of the District Administration and the senior officers of Agriculture Department. During the briefing, the Secretary was told that overall condition of cotton is satisfactory in the province and priority measures are being taken for better care of the cotton crop. However, in some areas the attack of whitefly, millybug and pink bollworm has been observed. On receiving the report, the agricultural extension and pest warning teams are spraying agricultural poisons with advanced chemistry.