Zero Tolerance Policy Against All Type of Vehicles to be Implemented as Part of Anti-Smog Measures


In light of the latest directives issued by the Chief Minister of Punjab regarding the anti-smog measures, a zero-tolerance policy has been implemented for all types of government and non-government vehicles. Under this policy, no exemptions or privileges will be granted.

In accordance with the guidance of Dr. Ahmed Javed Qazi, Secretary of Transport Punjab, a rigorous inspection is underway for all buses of the Multan Speedo Bus Service, operated under the Punjab Mass Transit Authority, in Multan. Furthermore, based on complaints of smog pollution in Multan, suspicious buses were immediately taken off the road yesterday. This temporary reduction in the number of buses on some routes may cause some inconvenience to our esteemed citizens, for which we apologize.

However, in the pursuit of combating smog, the Punjab Mass Transit Authority is fully committed to its responsibilities, and work on the fitness of all feeder buses in Multan is proceeding without any interruption, day and night, in line with the directive of the Minister Transport. In this endeavor, sub-agencies of the Department of Transport, including the Punjab Transport Authority, Transport Planning Unit, Regional Transport Authority, and district administration of Multan (PMA), are collaborating.

Regarding the anti-smog measures, the Punjab Mass Transit Authority is dedicated to adhering to international standards for vehicle fitness systems and will subject all buses of the Multan Speedo Bus System to a thorough inspection without any exemptions or concessions, in accordance with the standards of the Vehicle Fitness System (VKS). No exceptions will be made in this regard.

The Punjab Mass Transit Authority views the previous steps taken for smog prevention with great importance and is committed to providing clean and clear skies, free from dust and pollution, for the people of Punjab.