Caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi Inaugurates The Extension Project Of Police Khidmat Markaz At Liberty Chowk


Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated the extension project of Police Khidmat Markaz located at Liberty today and inspected various sections of the Khidmat Markaz.Mohsin Naqvi also inspected Tahafuz Markaz,Messaq Markaz,Waiting Room and counters.Inspector General of Police Doctor Usman Anwar while giving a briefing informed that the number of counters in the Police Khidmat Markaz Liberty has been increased from 10 to 30.All services relating to the police can be acquired from every counter.Addition of Police Tahafuz Markaz and Messaq Centre has been made at the Police Khidmat Markaz Liberty.Transgenders and other neglected segments of society will be provided protection services at the Tahafuz Markaz.Minorities especially Christian community will be provided services at the Messaq Centre. The waiting area of Police Khidmat Markaz has also been extended.It was apprised during the briefing that around 1.75 crore people have benefitted from the Police Khidmat Markaz. More than 4 thousand 500 hundred crisis-stricken people have acquired protection and other services in the Tahafuz Markaz.150 Police Khidmat Markaz,183 Police Khidmat Centres and 37 Police Khidmat venues are providing services to the people across the province.More than 37 lakh citizens have obtained character certificates, tenants registration,registration of employees, general verifications and copy of FIRs.1.5 crore people have acquired verifications of vehicles,license,crime report and lost reports.Tenant registration,crime report and copy of FIR can be obtained from the Police Khidmat Markaz within 24 hours.Character certificate and verification of employees can be provided within 5 days from the Police Markaz.National Status Verification can be obtained in 32 days.Services are also being provided in 41 Embassies under the Police Khidmat Markaz Global.Chief Secretary,Inspector General of Police,CCPO Lahore,CTO and other concerned officials were also present on the occasion.CM Mohsin Naqvi while talking with the media persons after inaugurating the extension project of  Police Khidmat Markaz located at Liberty Chowk revealed that all other matters except crime will be resolved in the Khidmat Centre. The Liberty Khidmat Centre has been extended so that maximum relief can be provided to the people in a short period of time. Police Khidmat Markaz are also providing services to the people in other cities of Punjab. Police Khidmat Centres are providing excellent relief to the people. CM Mohsin Naqvi disclosed that we are also upgrading 750 police stations of Punjab. The environment of the rooms of police stations will be improved. Matters with the sugar mills owners have been settled and sugar will be provided at rupees 140/kg.