'Lahore Lahore Hai' Cultural Festival Set to Showcase Rich Heritage on Global Stage


Amir Mir, the Minister of Information and Culture, announced the upcoming "Lahore Lahore Hai" cultural festival scheduled for the last week of October in Punjab, which will see participation from diplomats representing various countries, showcasing diverse local cultures from across the province. He emphasized that this festival will serve as a global emblem for Pakistan.

Chairing the inaugural meeting of the committee tasked by the Chief Minister to oversee the cultural fair at Al Hamra Arts Council, the provincial minister aimed to evaluate proposals for the festival's success. He underscored the Punjab government's dedication to fostering both tourism and cultural endeavors, highlighting how cultural events contribute to tourism, ultimately benefitting the province.

Amir Mir stated that in an era where cultural activities are pivotal in global tourism and tourism stands as a thriving industry, it is imperative for Punjab to leverage tourism in the same manner. Lahore, renowned as the hub of cultural and commercial vitality in Punjab, will unveil the rich tapestry of Punjab's culture and its significance in tourism through this fair.