Provincial Minister Ibrahim Murad Inaugurates Pakistan Paint And Construction Chemicals Expo 2023


Provincial Minister of Transport, Mines and Minerals, and Live Stock, Ibrahim Murad, inaugurated the Pakistan Paint and Construction Chemicals Expo 2023. The provincial minister cut the ribbon to open the expo. He was presented with a bouquet of flowers and an honorary shield there. Ibrahim Murad also visited the stalls installed in the expo by numerous companies. At the stalls companies representatives briefed about their exhibited products. 

Speaking to the media on this occasion, Provincial Minister Ibrahim Murad expressed his delight at participating in the Pakistan Paint and Construction Chemicals Expo. He emphasized the government's responsibility to collaborate with the business community to boost the country's economy. He assured that the Punjab government would extend all possible support to the business community, benefiting national trade, commerce, and investment.

In response to a question, Minister Ibrahim Murad mentioned that investigations regarding the metro bus incident are ongoing. The driver has been arrested, and an FIR has been registered. Recommendations from the inquiry report will be thoroughly examined, and appropriate measures will be taken in the future.

He further stated that considering the rising prices of fuel and diesel, the Punjab Chief Minister has decided to provide free travel on the metro bus service and Orange Line Train for students, senior citizens, and disabled individuals. The students who wear the uniform will get free service. This initiative will also benefit people above the age of 70 and those with disabilities.

Ibrahim Murad clarified that there would be no increase in fares for the Metro Bus and Orange Line Train. An annual subsidy of 8 billion rupees is allocated for the OLMT, while 2 billion rupees are provided for the metro bus service. Efforts are being made to generate revenue through commercialization and other means.