PHA Director General Reviews Anti-Dengue Drive in Lahore


The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) of Lahore conducted a comprehensive review of their ongoing efforts to combat the dengue epidemic in the provincial capital on Tuesday.

According to a spokesperson, under the orders of Director General Muhammad Tahir Wattoo, field directors were instructed to rigorously enforce the established standard operating procedures (SOPs).

This proactive measure is a response to the increasing threat posed by the virus. Health authorities have warned that cases of dengue fever could reach new highs, partly due to global warming benefiting mosquitoes that spread it.

A warmer climate is believed to accelerate mosquito reproduction and enable the virus to multiply within their bodies.

Dengue fever symptoms include fever, muscle pain, nausea, and rashes, but it tends to be more severe and sometimes fatal upon repeat infection, making its containment a long-term concern.

Last month, the organisation launched a widespread spraying campaign, which included thorough disinfection operations at various PHA facilities, including offices, workshops, washrooms, nurseries, and fountains.

Furthermore, in a move to control dengue transmission, the PHA has introduced a battalion of mosquito-killing fish into fountains and other water bodies under their jurisdiction. Such fish eat mosquito larvae as soon as they hatch from the eggs laid by mosquitoes, thus reducing the mosquito population.

This strategic deployment aims to disrupt the breeding cycle of mosquitoes by preventing larvae from thriving and, consequently, curbing the spread of the dengue virus.

Separately, the Commissioner of Lahore, Muhammad Ali Randhawa, also directed the authority to ban the entry of visitors wearing half-sleeve shirts and short pants into the parks under its administrative control. These directives were issued in a meeting attended, among others, by the Additional Director General of the authority, Safi Ullah Gondal.

The meeting also reviewed ongoing horticultural work. Addressing several areas of improvement, officials were directed to revamp the flower beds along various green blts in the city. This transformation includes the installation of new planters and the completion of necessary civil work.