Caretaker CM Punjab Takes Firm Stand Against Underage Drivers, Calls For Stringent Measures


Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has issued a directive to initiate a crackdown on underage drivers operating vehicles and motorcycles without a license throughout Punjab. Emphasizing the need for swift action, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi instructed that measures be taken against underage drivers who are found driving without a proper license.

The Inspector General of Police, CCPO Lahore, and all RPOs have been given explicit instructions by Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi to enforce this crackdown. He specified that vehicles and motorcycles operated by underage drivers should be intercepted, with a daily report of actions taken to be submitted from all regions, including Lahore.

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi underscored the inherent dangers posed by young drivers not only to themselves but also to others on the road. He appealed to parents, urging them not to allow young children to operate vehicles or motorcycles. In emphasizing the value of every life, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi highlighted the potential fatal consequences that could arise from even a small mistake made by a young driver.