Secretary Mines For Implementation Of Excel Load Management Regime


Secretary Mines and Minerals Punjab Babar Aman Babar has ordered to ensure the implementation of the Excel load management plan set by the Punjab government at sand points and mines. He directed that all field officers of the department of minerals should take measures to prevent overloading of vehicles and ensure proper axle load management of vehicles carrying material from the mines. Babar Aman Babar said that the information regarding the fixed limit should be displayed at the mines and sand sites. “Loading more than the specified limit damages the roads”, observed the secretary. He warned that action will be taken against the violation of orders of the Punjab government. Secretary Mines said that the loading limit for a two-axle truck is 17.5 tons, while that for a three-axle truck is 27.5 to 29.5 tons. A four-axle truck can carry a maximum loading of 39.5 tones. Similarly, a five-axle truck can carry a maximum load of 48.5 to 51.5 tones. Secretary Mines and Minerals said that loading on a six-axle truck is allowed from 58.5 to 61.5 tones. “Transport department and Punjab police have started taking actions against overloaded vehicles across the board in all sectors in the province. No truck carrying more than this sand or mineral material should be allowed to load” he warned.