CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif Inaugurates Pink Games 2024


Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif formally inaugurated the first Chief Minister Pink Games 2024. The Chief Minister by saying “All the Best” for the players inaugurated the Pink Games. The women players of 16 universities participated in the inaugural Pink Games. Volley Ball players Zeenat Waqar presented a torch to CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif. Later, lightshow, cultural show and traditional dances were presented in the inaugural ceremony. Provincial Minister for Sports presented welcome address and acknowledged CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s arrival. The Chief Minister while announcing 100 percent increase in the prize money of Pink Games said that the players will be given Rs.1 crore instead of Rs.50 lakhs. The CM ordered the Provincial Sports Minister to show excellent hospitality to the players who participated in the Pink Games. CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif again said ‘I love you’ to the female players in her address. The CM while addressing the inaugural ceremony said, “1300 female players came from the whole Punjab to participate in the sports events. It is a big change and I felt pleasantly surprised to see the fitness of female players. I commend their parents for reposing complete trust in their daughters and allowed them to participate in the sports.  Parents play an affectionate role in the success of their daughters after the blessings of Allah Almighty. A daughter is a great blessing of Allah Almighty, I felt heartily pleased to know their talent and potential . If a son wants to become a cricketer then he is allowed to become so but if a daughter wants to become a cricketer then she is asked about the reason to become so. If a son wants to become an athlete then he is provided training. If a daughter wants to become an athlete then she is asked as why she is becoming so. I am profoundly pleased to witness such a positive change in terms of reposing trust by the parents in their daughters. If a son can become a Chief Minister Punjab then why not a daughter can become so? I have deputed a young Sports Minister. I am greatly pleased to know that he has found a talent across Punjab. I have assigned a responsibility to the Sports Minister Faisal Ayub Khokhar to ensure security and hospitality of the players. I announce to make a double the allocated Rs 50 lakh cash prizes to Rs. one crore. Myself becoming a Chief Minister is not my triumph but of all the women as they are the Chief Minister. May Allah Almighty grant the young female players further success so that they can become a symbol of pride and respect.  My mother is no more in this world but must be watching from somewhere and will be feeling happy. I express my profound gratitude to my parents and whatever I have achieved is attributed to them. Daughters are such flowers which do not wither. The more they are looked after, the more they blossom and shine. I made a promise after becoming the Chief Minister that I would pave the way of success for every daughter across Punjab. We have launched virtual police stations, pink button and 15 helpline to safeguard the daughters of Punjab.  You can make a call on 15 in case of any untoward situation and the police will reach immediately for help. The women can inform women operators in the virtual police stations about their complaints or emergency situation. We have launched a free wifi service in Lahore. I resolve to do whatever I can for the protection and uplift of women. By looking at you it seems that the future of Punjab is in save hands. May Allah Almighty bestow upon you further triumphs upon you so that can earn name and fame for Pakistan. I love you all and take pride in you.”