Punjab Youth Helpline

Punjab Youth Helpline is a project of Government of the Punjab working on issues related to the emotional, psychological health and reproductive health of adolescents.

The PYHL’s mission is ‘to work with all people, especially vulnerable groups, to collectively strive for a society that is violence free, self-aware and accepting of itself and others’.

Vulnerability is defined as historically marginalized and powerless groups with special emphasis on women, youth, and children, the poor, and sexual and religious minorities.

The PYHL's team consists of clinical psychologists and career counselors. Punjab Youth Help Line has been officially working since 3rd December 2012, under the implementation of Punjab Youth Policy since 6th June 2012, by the Chief Minister of Punjab.


The PYHL’s approach is holistic, and interventions are framed from a prevention (awareness-raising, mobilization, skills-building). The Help line is structured around one or more of the following three core strategies: awareness raising, psychological support and referral.

Awareness Raising: It is raising consciousness or awareness regarding different issues to the youth especially sexual and reproductive health and developmental stages of adolescence. It is an inability of the community to recognize these issues as important severely undermines its ability to strategize or address these problems. Punjab youth help line recognizes that awareness must be raised in the society.

Psychological support and referral: Emotional and mental health/counseling are an essential service that the PYHL provides, it must be done in a way in which individuals feel supported and have opportunities to heal emotionally, express and clarify confusions. All campaigning is done with a view to raise awareness on these issues wherever possible must be supported by counseling services (phone) or referral support.

Who Do We Work With

  • Individuals: PYHL recognizes individuals as essential change agents; young people, adolescents, students, parents, married couples, etc.
  • Collectives: Local communities and local state apparatus
  • Institutions: Govt. hospitals, educational institutions, technical training centers, and shelters/women crisis centers; where institutional reform and policy change is sought

Counseling Issues

There are number of common counseling problems and issues addressed by the clinical psychologist and career counselors, View details.

For further details view: Frequently Asked Questions

How To Reach Us

Punjab Youth Help Line
Youth Affairs, Sports, Archeology, and Tourism Department
Punjab Stadium, Gulberg III Lahore.

Help Line:  080012145
Fax:  +92-42-99231087