Home Department

Home Department is responsible for maintenance of law & order and protection of life and property of the citizens. The Home department has six wings namely General Wing, Police Wing, Prisons Wing, Internal Security Wing, Judicial Wing & Public Safety Wing. Home Secretary is the administrative head of the department and is assisted by six Additional Secretaries, six Deputy Secretaries, twenty four Section Officers and one Computer Programmer/System Analyst in the performance of his duties. The attached departments functioning under the administrative control of Home department are:

  • Inspectorate of Police, Punjab
  • Child Protection & Welfare Bureau, Punjab
  • Inspectorate of Prisons, Punjab
  • Directorate of Reclamation & Probation
  • Directorate of Civil Defence
  • Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122)
  • Punjab Highway Patrolling Police
  • Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Baloch Levy, D.G Khan
  • Border Military Police, D.G Khan
  • Border Military Police, Rajanpur
The major functions of Home Department are:
  • Prevention & control of crime
  • Administration of Police Department
  • Regulation of arms & ammunition matters related to Civil Armed Forces
  • To impose ban on entry of persons affecting peace
  • To dispatch police parties to other provinces for recovery of stolen property and for the arrest of accused persons
  • To notify reward for the arrest of terrorists/criminals
  • To grant temporary parole in extreme and urgent situations
  • To grant Visa extension to Indian Nationals
  • To detain/deport/repatriate illegal immigrants
  • To deal with the matters related to licensing & working of private security agencies and arms dealer shops
  • To grant arms licenses
  • To ban and impose penalty for objectionable material/pamphlets/booklets/newspapers